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Vail High School Seniors - 2005  

Matt Garth, Brad Myers, Evan Sherer, Austin Chow, Turi Olson, Alex Biegler, Karl Eklund 


Vail High School Senior Moms - 2005 

Janet Biegler, Janet Myers, Liz Sherer, Beth Chow, Marci Olson, Mimi Garth, Chris Eklund


Jan, Alex, and Barry

Janet Biegler, Alex Biegler and Barry Biegler

High School Party 2/2/2005 at Lovey's

Battle Mountain Beat Aspen 4-3 on 2/1/2005.  Then the entire team had dinner at Coulter Somes Grandmothers house. Great BBQ with steaks!

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