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2010 Sportsmanship Tournament
Sportsman Copy The valiant squirts competed in the 2010 Vail Sportsmanship Tournament over the weekend

The squirts ended up 1-3-0 on the weekend, defeating DU Crimson on Friday night.  Ezra, Zach and Griffin came up big with goals over the weekend.  Click here for hockey pictures

The squirts also demonstrate their prodigious hockey party skills at the team's first hockey party at Barry's office.  Some serious floor hockey and pool partying were encountered.  Click here for the 1st Office Party pictures


Team Names Name Age Fw/D
Alex Fritzler 10 D
Alex Parliment 8 D
Anthony Florio 10 F
August Mayer 10 G
Billy Johnson 8 F
Corbin Wilson 9 F
Ezra Cope 10 F
Garrett Bradley 9 D
Griffin McGuckin 9 D
Jack Omilian 10 F
Matthew Heiden 9 D
Paddy Shea Nary 9 D
Seth Nordstrand 8 F
Zach McKeever 10 F
Zoe Booth 9 F
Coach Byron 22 F
Coach Barry 57 D
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