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Saint Olaf Alumni Hockey - Florida October 2009

The Saint Olaf College Hockey team from the 1970's got back together for a wonderful tournament in Coral Beach Florida in October 2009.  A great time was had by all, and by some miracle nobody got hurt!

Front Row:  Dave Heckler (baby Heckler), Tim Ives, Tom Heckler (Honor boy), Greg Lundquist (Lunker), Barry Biegler (Trees), Coach Dennis Nickel
Back Row: Frank Trotter, Jim Wilkens, Sam Cremin (Friend of Baby Heckler), Jim Bender, ("Captain, sort of"), Mike Sampson, Bill Gorsline, Bruce Karg

And here we are from a long time ago, 1972

Some of the same guys, from 35 years earlier

Front: Tim Ives, Barry Biegler, Bob Anderson (bullet), Pete Arneson, Dennis Nichel, Tom High
Middle: Stu McClanahan, Scott Westervelt,  Mark Narum, Frank Trotter, Leigh Canfield, Steve May, Joe Barrash
Back: Unknown, Joel Fevold, Jim Wilkins, Larry Martin, Tim Lundgren, Joel Fevold


 Frank Trotter and Barry Biegler

Still looking good after all these years


Barry Biegler, Bruce Karg and Captain "Hockey is my life" Jim Bender


Dave Heckler and Sam Cremin

Baby Heckler is wondering what to order and Sam can't figure out why we lost again...


Coach Dennis Nickel and his stars

Coach Dennis Nickel is wearing his Sooners shirt.  Barry Biegler and Frank Trotter are wondering what he could possibly be talking about - he wanted us to skate harder after the 5th game in 3 days...



Frank Toasting our Victory

You know we are alumni because we now toast with Orange Juice!  Tom Porter would be proud!


Team in Natural Setting

Ok, sometimes we drink beer.  Frank Trotter looks at his cell phone while contemplating which of his three glasses to start with. Barry Biegler and Jim Wilkens are under the TV, talking some serious strategy over a brew.  The minister, Tim Ives, is in the foreground, already has one beer and pouring another....


Barry Biegler, 2009 at the Florida Alumni Tournament

Barry in 1971 at the Saint Olaf Outdoor Rink


Great to be in the Saint Olaf Colors again but, really, who wears a green helmet?  Click for more pictures

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